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Home of the Kettle Moraine Ballast Scorchers

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Do you have comments or questions on our organization?  Or would you like to become a member of our association? Please get in touch!

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General Information & N scale superintendent Lloyd Bunkelman


Membership Chairman:

Or you can give us a call at (920) 960-6829  any weekday from 4:30 pm - 9 pm

Feel free to mail us at the mailing address of:

   215 N. Main
   Suite 60 
   West Bend, WI 53095

Kettle Moraine Railroad Heritage Association
Home of the Kettle Moraine Ballast Scorchers 
West Bend, WI 53095


Want To Become
    a Member!
Call 920-960-6829
(4 pm- 9 pm)
 put "Become a member" in the subject line

   Membership is open to all persons above the age of 12 regardless of race or sex. Currently our members are primarily from southeastern Wisconsin and range in age from 14 and up. We are always happy to welcome new members to the club.
   Our association meets in the evenings every Wednesday, (except in July and August, and when holidays or events conflict). We currently charge annual dues of $30 for junior members (ages 12 - 17) and $100 for adult members (18 and up). Dues may be paid bi-annually.  A small one time " initiation"  fee of
$8.00 for a name badge, which identifies you as a member of our association. Any member between the age of 12 - 14 is required to have an adult or "sponsor", join and
attend association functions with them. All new members must be accepted by vote at a regular buisness meeting. Members are encouraged, but not required, to attend all association and its associates functions. Our business meetings are held on one Wednesday or one Sunday of each month. A favorable vote, and payment of dues, entitles you to:
1) Free admission to all association activities and events
2) Access to layouts
3) Receive a copy of the association Constitution, Bylaws, and Membership Roster
4) Copies of the Official monthly club newsletter " THE SEMAPHORE" (discontinued)
5) Discounts at participating Hobby Stores